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猪猪的冒险 Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure for Mac v1.11






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Meet the shy yet lovable hog-bunny Gnart who has to make it to the dentist by sundown. To get there he has to pass through some pretty scary places. On his way, Gnart will confront his fears and make new friends. The story gives readers a true interactive experience.

Stunning artwork enhanced by 3D effects and animations combined with music, sound effects and voice-over makes this a unique application. An intuitive user interface lets you follow the engaging story and then go back to explore the environments, which are full of beautiful landscapes and amazing surprises. Or, you can pause the narrative anytime and explore right away.

Hogworld is made for the 4 + age group. That said, we do think quite a few adults might like it too.


● A true interactive story - not a game, not an eBook, but a hybrid somewhere in between.
● 16 Chapters
● Purchase additional languages within the app
● Many interactive elements and surprises including several mini-games
● Collect cute Plumpets, Jellyfish and Fireflies, click when you encounter the scary Creeper, to gather points.
● 30-45 minutes to go through the story first time and loads of replay value
● Intuitive user interface

these reviews are for Hogworld: Gnart’s Adventure. This new version is both improved and extended.

-- FAMIGO.com - ●●●●● (5/5)
“Wow. This is the first completely immersive 3D world that we've seen within an app. The design is stellar, the storyline is linear and engaging, and there's even a bit of educational value. All of this adds up to a truly excellent app that is clearly fantastically well made.”

“With stunning 3D visuals, a varied soundtrack, great voice acting and interactions that are seamlessly incorporated into the story, kids will be transported into another world. It is one of the most sophisticated yet accessible book apps published so far.”

-- CommonSenseMedia.com - ●●●●● (5/5)
“Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure combines an e-book narration and voice-acting with gameplay to create a truly interactive experience. Text as well as verbal animated prompts leads kids through the app, where they discover new characters and stories if they explore by tapping animals and icons on the screens. Gameplay, beautiful graphics, and animation make this a treat to the senses.”

-- WIRED.com
"Hogworld: Gnart’s Adventure is an adventure game app for children aged 4 to 8 years, and it is brilliant. It is effectively an interactive storybook like none we have seen. [...] This is an app that transforms eBooks with gameplay and quality animation so that it feels like a book and game simultaneously. That is quite an achievement! [...] It should be in Apple’s Best Apps for 2011 list and big developers of eBooks should take a look and see what they can learn from this story — it is more than touch points. The interactivity is woven into the plot, making it a real adventure."

-- iHeartThisApp.com
“Hogworld is a mesmerizing combination of interactivity, 3-D effects, high quality audio, and an age-appropriate, original story-line that puts this app on par with the leading-edge children’s apps available today.”



Spanish and German auto detect.


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  • 猪猪的冒险 Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure for Mac
  • 猪猪的冒险 Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure for Mac
  • 猪猪的冒险 Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure for Mac
  • 猪猪的冒险 Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure for Mac
  • 猪猪的冒险 Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure for Mac

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