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简单的矢量图形绘制工具 PaintCode 2 for Mac v3.4.5

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  • 分类:开发设计
  • 标签:图形绘制矢量
  • 时间:2019年04月04日 更新 文件大小: 7.5 MB
  • 开发商:PixelCut s.r.o. 官网首页
  • 支持类型:OS X 10.10 or later
  • 支持语言:英文等


PaintCode 2是一个专门为设计师准备的简单的矢量图形绘图应用程序,


PaintCode 2是一个专门为设计师准备的简单的矢量图形绘图应用程序,

通过PaintCode 2没有编程经验的设计师也能立即画出美丽的控件,

图标或其他UI界面元素并直接生成适用于iOS或者OS X的Objective-C代码。

PaintCode 2是一个简单的矢量绘图编程软件,它能节省你大量的编程时间,因为你只要把程序给画出来,然后把剩下的都交给PaintCode 2吧,即刻就能生成Ç或ç#/ MonoTouch两个操作系统 OS X和iOS的代码。你不必再为了打到预期的效果再一遍又一遍的调整和重新编译代码了。哪怕你是一个没有编程经验的平面设计师,有了PaintCode 2,照样可以画出漂亮的控件,图标和其他用户界面元素

来自Mac App Store官方介绍

PaintCode is a vector drawing app that instantly generates Objective-C, Swift and C# drawing code. With PaintCode you can create an app that is truly resolution-independent, using code (instead of large number of image assets) to draw a user interface.

  • Stylekit: Change the design of your app in seconds. With StyleKits, integration of the generated code into your app is extremely easy. StyleKit is a special Objective-C, Swift or C# class that contains all your drawings, colors, gradients, shadows and other assets. StyleKit can be exported from PaintCode with just a single click, making the design-tweaking process crazy fast.
  • Variables and Expressions: Want to draw a button with multiple states? Circular progress bar? Animated robotic arm? Never-before-seen user interface control? Creating these complex dynamic drawings is usually extremely time-consuming. Not now. PaintCode’s Variables and Expressions let you create dynamic, parametric drawings with immediate visual feedback.
  • Multi-Canvas, Tabbed Workspace (new): Use multiple drawing canvases in multiple tabs. Each canvas turns into a drawing method in the generated StyleKit code.
  • Better Tools (new): Enjoy rotation and scaling with user-defined origin, powerful bezier editing tools, smart and custom guides, precise boolean operations, mass export and import, hierarchical color library, vertical text alignment, better text editing, improved zoom tool, outline mode and many more features.
  • Dynamic Colors: Reuse the same color multiple times across your document. Derive a new color from an existing color, forming a permanent relationship. Changing the base color will also change all the derived colors. This unique feature means you can base the entire color scheme of your app on a single color, which you can easily readjust when you like.
  • Dynamic Shapes: Define how your complex drawings behave when resized. Draw a resizable button and retrieve drawing code to draw the button to any size.
  • PSD and SVG Import: Import SVG documents into PaintCode, transforming them into Objective-C or C# drawing code. Layer graphics, paths, texts and groups from Adobe Photoshop documents can also be imported.

The published price is that of a Personal license. Click here for full pricing info.



Version 3.4.5:

  • Swift 5 compatibility
  • Bug fixes for code generation of macOS Mojave Objective-C target
  • Minor UI improvements


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  • 简单的矢量图形绘制工具 PaintCode 2 for Mac
  • 简单的矢量图形绘制工具 PaintCode 2 for Mac
  • 简单的矢量图形绘制工具 PaintCode 2 for Mac
  • 简单的矢量图形绘制工具 PaintCode 2 for Mac
  • 简单的矢量图形绘制工具 PaintCode 2 for Mac

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