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Cubase for Mac v10.0.30


来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Cubase does it all: spacious orchestral arrangements, experimental indie pop, floor-filling electronic music or enthralling metal -- Cubase offers dedicated tools for all of these musical genres and many more. The world's most popular DAW lets you record, edit and mix your songs like a musician, while providing you a professional, studio-grade audio quality at all stages of the creative process.

For Songwriters
Compose and record songs whenever inspiration strikes -- Cubase bristles with an eclectic ensemble of creative tools that are both easy to use and highly musical. From the very first beat to the final arrangement, Cubase assists you with intelligent features, including automatic voicing harmonization and convenient composing assistance for generating beautiful chord sequences. And, to top it off, you get a choice of thousands of inspiring instrument sounds and loops that bring your ideas to life.

For Bands
Whether you are in the studio or in the rehearsal room, Cubase is the DAW of choice for capturing your songs in the most professional way. The integrated mixing desk combines utmost flexibility with top-end channel strip modules for luxiouros, pro-console sound. Thanks to the Control Room section you can provide each of your band members with an individual cue mix. And once the recording session is over, simply select the best parts and conjure the perfect take within seconds.

For Producers
For countless music producers and audio engineers around the world Cubase is an essential tool of their daily work. With its award-winning audio engine, industry-acclaimed tools and the seamless integration with existing studio gear, Cubase is well tailored to professionals working in the music, film and game industry. And the state-of-the-art mixing desk is unmatched in terms of flexibility and quality, combining studio-grade sound with the comfort of a modern-day DAW.

For Film Composers
From Hollywood blockbusters to popular TV series -- Cubase is the go-to DAW for some of today's most successful media composers. With a separate video track, a scalable video window and a score editor featuring 100+ notation symbols, there's everything on board to create professional scores. And thanks to Steinberg's pioneering VST Expression technology you can create breathtakingly natural orchestral scores with full expression control on single-note level.

For Electronic Music Producers
With an immense arsenal of spectacular synths and creative effects, Cubase is a true treasure trove for experimental sound designers. From the purest analog synths to a next-generation granular synth over to intuitive beat creation and mangling tools, Cubase offers everthing needed to create expressive electronic music. Add to this the advanced Drum, Key and List editors, a variety of intuitive audio editing tools and the seamless remote control integration and you get a one-of-its-kind solution for creating and performing electronic music.

For Vocalists
Cubase includes a complete toolset for the correction and enhancement of vocal recordings. It is just a matter of seconds to adjust the pitch and timing of monophonic audio signals or to harmonize your lead vocals in beautifully composed choral arrangements. For more convenience, you can even edit voices from multiple tracks in one single editor. To make the most out of your vocal recordings, simply add some of the quality reverb, modulation and dynamics effects and you're done.

For Beat Producers
Whether you're creating hip hop, rap or techno music, Cubase has the right tools at hand: from an MPC-style drum sampler to an intuitive step sequencer over to creative beat mangling tools, there are plenty of options to produce four-to-the-floor beats and massive rhythms. And Cubase also provides a genre-crossing range of ready-to-go samples, sounds and loops alongside massive EQs and inspiring effects that are just perfect for producers of electronic music.

For Guitarists
From crystal clean to creamy crunch over to singing sustain, VST Amp Rack delivers rock-solid tones for your guitar tracks. Designed as a customizable rack, this virtual guitar tone suite offers multiple amps, classic stomp box effects, speaker cabinets and microphone models to choose from. The plug-in also highlights signature presets crafted by world-class guitarists from bands such as Meshuggah, Emperor, and Accept.



Version 10.0.30:

New Feature:
  • ARA 2 support is now available with this version. This feature can be found under the Extensions heading. There are three ways to apply ARA-capable Extensions to an audio event:
  • Audio Menu > Extensions > Choose Extensions (e.g. Melodyne)
  • Context Menu on Audio Events > Extensions > Choose Extensions
  • Info Line in project window for selected Audio Events > Extensions > There you can either select an Extension, or you can read which Extension is already active for the selected event
  • The Extension item only appears if ARA-enabled extensions have been found by Cubase. If there is nothing on the system, you won't be able to see it in the menu
Audio Alignment:
  • In Cubase 10.0.30, the Audio Alignment function is also able to turn the phase of the signal by 180° if necessary, to provide clean and steady sound
  • When applying Audio Alignment with the Prefer Time Shifting option, the inversed phase of the target is detected and corrected automatically. The phase inverse is applied as a real-time process
  • The real-time Phase Inverse process can also be applied manually by setting the parameter in the Info Line
List of resolved issues:
  • Unintentionally applying clips to missing media files could render the application unreliable
  • Audio Alignment did not work correctly on project sample rates other than 44.1 or 48 kHz
  • Improved behavior when assigning multiple busses at once using modifier keys in the Audio Connections window
  • Selecting disabled items in the Audio Export window were still possible with the mouse wheel
  • The Export Channel option in the Audio Export window was not preselected when changing preferences
  • Overwritten Automation was read incorrectly when the reduction level was set to 0%
  • Activating Show Data on Tracks in the Automation Panel settings could render the application unreliable
  • The Mixconvert Center level would automatically be set to -¥ when applying the Audio Connections Output Channels default preset
  • The Control Room area would not be displayed correctly when toggling between projects
  • Converting tracks would not result in expected track names
  • Certain languages could be displayed in truncated form when working with the Normalize process
  • The Scrub tool was not working correctly when using the editor on a secondary screen
  • Nudging crossfades in the Quantize Panel when using Folder Track Group Editing could led to nudging events
  • Scroll bars in the Expression Maps setup window were invisible
  • USB MIDI connections were not automatically recovered after temporary disconnecting a device
  • The MIDI Device Manager would not automatically reconnect to external MIDI ports
  • The MIDI Reset command could reset faders on external controllers
  • Input Bus Metering did not work correctly when Direct Monitoring was active
  • Improved MixConsole user interface responsiveness when expanding the EQ Rack
  • The left zone of the MixConsole would reset every time the right zone was activated or switched
  • Gain reduction meters were missing on dynamic modules in the MixConsole channel strip user interface
  • Combining automation of VCA master and slaves could render the application unreliable
  • An issue has been resolved where, after copying and pasting channel settings, existing pan settings would not be included
  • Assigning routing for multiple channels at once using the SHIFT modifier key could render the application unreliable
  • MixConsole Quick Link was not working correctly when using EQ sliders
  • VST AmbiDecoder did not receive any signal on output busses
  • ModMachines’s manual modulation mode took LFOs into account
  • VST Plug-in Manager now allows Enabled/Disabled and Reactivate for multiple selected plug-ins at once
  • Dragging more than 5000 files between folders in the pool could render the application unreliable
  • The Legato Mode: Between Selected Notes Only preference was not remembered
  • The Connect Sends Automatically for Each Newly Created Channel setting was not working correctly on group channels
  • The Reinterpret Bars function did not work as expected
  • Converting tracks from multi-mono to interleaved format resulted in incorrect track names
  • Confirming the prompt to switch timeline to bars/beats could render the application unreliable
  • An automation track inside a closed folder could not be deselected when selecting a new track
  • Replacing a track picture by dragging a file from the Finder could render the application unreliable (macOS only)
  • Opening the Auto Fade window could render the application unreliable
  • Toggling Visibility Zones in the project window could render the application unreliable
  • Save and Save As key commands did not work when the HALion user interface was in front
  • Generic Remote commands could not access defined Insert plug-in slots
  • The Sample Editor Warp Marker changed to being nearly invisible
  • Switching Workspaces involving the Score Editor could render the application unreliable
  • Improved support of double dotted notes
  • Quitting Cubase with an open pop-up window could render the application unreliable
  • Improved stability when loading projects from earlier versions
  • Certain Track Archive files could render the application unreliable
  • Converting tracks while Automatic Hitpoint creation was active could render the application unreliable
  • Opening multiple Channel Settings could render the application unreliable


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