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PDF文件修改和编辑 PDFpenPro 6 for Mac v6.3.2

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  • 时间:2015年04月29日 更新 文件大小: 51.24 MB
  • 开发商:SmileOnMyMac, LLC 官网首页
  • 支持类型: Mac Mac OS X10.7或更高版本
  • 支持语言:英文等


PDFpenPro 是一款PDF文件修改和编辑工具 . 相当于预览+文本编辑的增强版本。


PDFpenPro 是一款PDF文件修改和编辑工具 . 相当于预览+文本编辑的增强版本。


替换原始 PDF 中的文本块移动,调整大小,拷贝和删除原始 PDF 中的图像
覆盖文本和图像到 PDF 上 (比如将签名图像标记到上面
在扫描文稿上执行光学文字识别 (OCR)
拷贝和粘贴富文本,从 pdf 拷贝时保留字体和格式
使用 AppleScript 进行 pdf 维护操作

来自Mac App Store官方介绍

"The crème de la crème of PDF editing and annotating applications." - Macworld, 4.5 mice

Edit PDFs easily with PDFpenPro! Add text, images and signatures. Make changes, fix typos, resize images, fill out forms, and redact sensitive information. Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to digitize scanned documents.

PDFpenPro is for those who want to go beyond PDFpen to create interactive forms, add and edit tables of contents, and convert websites into PDFs!

New! PDFpenPro 6
New interface makes PDF editing faster and easier than ever, and it's optimized for retina displays! We've also added the ability to export PDFs to Microsoft Word. There's much more -- see the list of new features below.

PDFpenPro users also enjoy two additional new Pro features: edit document permissions (restrict saving, printing, editing, etc.) and automatically generate form fields in a non-interactive form.

• Make changes and mark up PDFs
With PDFpenPro, you can add text, images and signature to your PDFs. You can even correct text in the original PDF. Use PDFpenPro’s tools to highlight, underline, or strikethrough text. Add comments and notes to share with others.

Remove private information with the redaction feature. Select the text you want to omit, and redact it with a black box or a blank space--either way, the text is removed from the document. Remove a word, phrase or social security number throughout a document with search-and-redact or search-and-remove.

And now you can easily access your annotations! In PDFpenPro 6, filter annotations by type, and even print them out as a list.

• Paperless Workflow
Reduce the amount of paper in your office. Scan documents directly into PDFpenPro and then use PDFpenPro’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the scanned text, so you can search, edit, and copy it.

No more printing! You can add your signature to a PDF contract and email it back. It's the end of the old routine of print first, then sign, then scan or fax.

Go mobile! Get PDFpenPro for iPad on the iTunes App Store, and edit your PDFs seamlessly on Mac or iPad, thanks to iCloud and Dropbox.

• Easy to Use
In PDFpenPro’s Library, you can store frequently-used images, signatures and text so they are always at your fingertips when you want to add them to a PDF. New in version 6: reorder your Library items via drag-and-drop!

Drag-and-drop thumbnails to rearrange pages or to combine pages from different PDFs. Deleting a page is as simple as selecting its thumbnail and pressing the Delete key.

• Why Go Pro? Additional Features in PDFpenPro
- Create interactive PDF forms with text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, choice fields, and buttons to submit via the web or email
- Add form fields to a scanned form automatically
- Create PDFs from web sites and local HTML files, complete with internal links
- Create and edit tables of contents
- Apply and edit document permissions

• What is New in Version 6
- Adds editing bar for faster, easier access to tools and properties
- Export in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) format (requires Internet connection)
- Optimized for full resolution viewing on Retina displays
- Updates and improves document window appearance
- Supports autosaving and document versions
- Adds support for reordering items in the Library
- Supports printing lists of annotations
- Adds filtering by type of displayed annotations
- Adds option to highlight form fields with transparent background
- Syncs Library via iCloud for use with PDFpenPro for iPhone/iPad
- Edit document permissions to control saving, printing, copying, etc.
- Add form fields to a scanned form automatically



- Fixes to prepare for upcoming releases of OS X
- Other fixes and improvements


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  • PDF文件修改和编辑 PDFpenPro 6 for Mac
  • PDF文件修改和编辑 PDFpenPro 6 for Mac
  • PDF文件修改和编辑 PDFpenPro 6 for Mac

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