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The Low Road for Mac v1.1

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  • 开发商:XGen Studios 官网首页
  • 支持类型: Mac Mac OS X10.10或更高版本
  • 支持语言:英文等

来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Lie, blackmail, and steal your way down The Low Road. Rookie agent Noomi Kovacs must navigate her way through the world of corporate espionage in this dark spy comedy set in the 1970s.

Theme & Narrative:


Noomi Kovacs—an overeager graduate of the LeCarre Institute for Exceptional Spies (L.I.E.S)—has just landed her first job at Penderbrook Motors’ Division of Outside Intelligence. Confined to an office and underestimated by her gruff supervisor—a disgraced former government agent named Turn—Noomi will have to exploit her colleagues and surroundings to help further her dream of becoming a globetrotting secret agent. Once in the field, Noomi and Turn begin to realize that their company’s dogged pursuit of their rivals extend to something far more sinister than “healthy competition” and the two will be forced to reconsider the paths they’ve chosen. Lying, blackmail, and emotional manipulation will become Noomi and Turn’s greatest assets as they make their way through…The Low Road.


Set in the world of the 1970s automobile industry, The Low Road is a point-and-click graphic adventure game which follows a team of corporate spies dedicated to the protection (and appropriation) of game-changing industry secrets. Sporting a unique visual style inspired by gouache paintings and a pulsating rock and roll score, "The Low Road" will captivate players through intricate puzzles, branching moral dilemmas, and a quirky cast of memorable characters.

Game Developer Conference 2016 “Best In Play” – Winner

Playcrafting ’16 Bit Awards “Best Style” – Nominee

Full Indie Vancouver "2017 Demo Night” – Winner

Indie Prize Showcase USA 2017 – Nominee

Key Features:

• A unique digitally hand painted 2D illustration style with 1970s television influences.

• A fully-voiced cast of characters

• Play from the perspective of two corporate espionage agents

• Over 32000 words of dark comedic dialogue written by award-winning playwright Leif Oleson-Cormack

• A mergence of traditional storytelling and engaging game play

• An original score of swirling psychedelia and dusty Americana by Eric Cheng, featuring songs performed by Win Well.

• Nostalgic point-and-click style gameplay influenced by LucasArts and Sierra classics

• Branching conversation puzzles that will challenge your deductive and intuitive abilities

• Over 15+ first person puzzle sequences

About XGen Studios:

XGen Studios is an independently owned and operated game developer of several award-winning titles on consoles, mobile platforms and the web. Established in 2001 and located in Edmonton Canada, we're a team of passionate creative people, united by a desire to create the type of games we wish existed. We're excited by emerging technologies and the new experiences these make possible.

Since 2001, XGen Studios has released 10 internally-developed, including the #1-selling hit Defend Your Castle for Nintendo’s WiiWare™ Service and Day-1 PS4™ title Super Motherload.

During the production of The Low Road, XGen’s Founder and CEO, Skye Boyes, passed away. The Low Road is dedicated to Skye for the inspiration, leadership and friendship he brought to the XGen team.

The Low Road is XGen Studios’ first point-and-click adventure game and has financial funding support from the Canada Media Fund 2014-2015 Experimental Stream.



Thanks for playing The Low Road! The feedback has been so helpful!

* Added some music triggers for certain gameplay states in Ch3
* Updated some music to include additional instruments
* Added some ambient and one-shot SFX to various places
* Banner for Unity launcher

* Did some post-process cleanup on Horace's VOs to improve quality
* Increased import resolution of Turn's art to increase crispness
* Fixed some race conditions surrounding inventory item use that could cause soft locks
* Fixed artifacts in seams (all quality settings) and screen edges (fastest quality setting) on full-screen sprites
* Fixed some FPPs that would display incorrectly, sometimes causing unplayability, at certain strange resolutions
* Fixed certain scenes from displaying in an incorrect state in some circumstances
* Fixed some dialog logic issues causing "player response" menus to appear when they shouldn't
* Fixed some music triggers that stopped working
* Fixed some incorrect subtitles
* Removed the ability to interact with certain environmental items when they shouldn't be interactable
* Adjusted some chapter card display times to better sync with music
* Improved timing of some sequences to align audio with visuals
* Tweaked audio mixing throughout the game
* Fixed some music transitions to be more natural sounding
* Prevented certain inventory items from being used repeatedly when they shouldn't be
* Fixed some incorrect character babbling in certain conversations
* Cleaned up some incorrectly implemented content
* Adjusted some graphics to properly reflect the current game state
* Adjusted some logic in CH 6 to avoid confusion in some circumstances


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